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Mapp and Lucia (also known as Make Way for Lucia IV) is the fourth novel of Mapp and Lucia series.


Subtly brilliant comedy of social rivalry between the wars. Emmeline Lucas (known universally to her friends as Lucia) is an arch-snob of the highest order. In Miss Elizabeth Mapp of Mallards Lucia meets her match. Ostensibly the most civil and genteel of society ladies, there is no plan too devious, no plot too cunning, no depths to which they would not sink, in order to win the battle for social supremacy. Using as their deadly weapons garden parties, bridge evenings and charming teas, the two combatants strive to outcharm each other - and the whole of Tilling society - as they vie for the position of doyenne of the town.


  • Mapp and Lucia is the book that marks the meeting of both worlds, the kingdom of the Mapp and that of Lucia.
  • This book is one that has been adapted for television and radio more frequently. The entire first season of Mapp and Lucia (channel 4) covers the whole book. The BBC miniseries incorporates many elements of this novel.

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