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Major Benjy is the ninth novel in the Mapp and Lucia series, and the first one in the series written by Guy Fraser-Sampson.


This welcome addition to the hugely popular Mapp and Lucia series finds Major Flint in need of a new servant, Miss Mapp in need of a summer tenant, and Quaint Irene in need of a pint of bitter. Romantic entanglements stir the still waters of Tilling society, cunning plots are laid, and unforeseen complications ensue. Who is doing what to whom with a bottle of sesame oil? What is the truth behind the great Tilling chocolate cake mystery? Why does Major Flint need a loaded elephant gun? Did Miss Mapp really poison the Padre? Are Diva Plaistow's days as a single woman numbered? How will Mr Wyse measure up as a man of action? Or Susan as a marriage counsellor? Oh yes, and what really happened to Lucy? characters. 


Officially sanctioned sequels written by Guy Fraser-Sampson, based on the characters by E.F. Benson. He's the second author to create official sequels, the first being Tom Holt.

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