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This town could do with shaking up a bit!
— Quaint Irene

Irene Coles, known to her fellow Tillingites as Quaint Irene for her unusual artistic side and queerness, she is one of the first to welcome Lucia and Georgie, enjoying the fact that someone puts Mapp in line.

BBC Overview[]

A free-spirited, pipe-smoking, slightly scandalous ‘new’ woman, Irene dresses like a tomboy and is something of an agent-provocateur in Tilling society.

She’s flirtatious with most but has a particular eye for Lucia. From inside her studio she creates bold and colourful artwork that’s deliberately designed to stir up the town’s residents. The more shock administered the happier Irene becomes. Whilst others may flock around Mapp and Lucia’s ‘high culture’, Irene will contentedly sit on the side-lines making comment and stirring the hysteria. [1]



  • The character of Irene Coles is inspired by poet and author Radclyffe Hall, E.F. Benson contemporary as well as his fellow citizen in Rye, Sussex, the village that has provided the basis for Tilling. Radclyffe Hall, exactly as 'Quaint' Irene, was also used to impress the society of the time with her personality and appearance, wearing men's clothes and entertaining very lasting and passionate relationships with other women.



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