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Gupta is a British Indian posing as a Brahmin sent to Tilling by the Theosophical Society as a Guru.


An Indian teacher of yoga who came to stay with Diva Plaistow in Tilling but because of the housing trade, he lived with Miss Mapp and latterly with Lucia at Mallards. Later will be revealed to be a fraud and a thief.'


The Guru declined to give his name, indicating that his religion forbade this. He was initially understood to be a Brahmin of the highest caste and extraordinary sanctity from Benares but actually originated in Madras. The Guru was subsequently found to be a hard-drinking curry cook and burglar. He disappeared from Tilling after being recognised by Hermy and Ursy Pillson as the brilliant but bibulous cook from the Calcutta Restaurant in Bedford Street where they often lunched. He left behind many empty brandy bottles and having stolen valuable items from the homes of Lucia, Georgie Pillson and Miss Mapp. To save face over their gullibility, no mention was subsequently made of the Guru's failings.



  • In Queen Lucia (1920), the guru is sent from the Theosophical Society to Daisy Quantock instead of Diva Plaistow and he carried on his scams in Riseholme instead of Tilling.

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