Mapp and Lucia Wikia

A comprehensive guide to the episodes of the two major television adaptations.

Mapp and Lucia (BBC)[]

Mapp and Lucia is a British drama television series that was first broadcast on BBC One from 29 to 31 December 2014. The three-part series, adapted by Steve Pemberton and directed by Diarmuid Lawrence, is based on EF Benson 's Mapp and Lucia collection of novels.

No. Image Title Writer Director Airdate
1 Mapp And Lucia ep1.jpg Episode One Steve Pemberton Diarmuid Lawrence December 29, 2014
1930s comedy drama based on EF Benson's novels. Miss Elizabeth Mapp reigns supreme over the inhabitants of Tilling until the arrival of the accomplished Mrs Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas.[1]
2 Episode 2 guide image.jpg Episode Two Steve Pemberton Diarmuid Lawrence December 30, 2014
The Tilling Summer Exhibition provides Lucia with a new battlefield to conquer. Mapp takes an opportunity to start a new trend. [1]
3 Episode 3 guide image.jpg Episode Three Steve Pemberton Diarmuid Lawrence December 31, 2014
The arrival in Tilling of an Italian contessa gives Mapp a chance to expose Lucia as a fraud.[1]

Mapp and Lucia (Channel 4)[]

Mapp & Lucia is a TV series aired on Channel 4 in between the years 1985 and 1986. The social rivalry between two women in the 1930s when Lucia moves to the small English town of Tilling. The series stars Geraldine McEwan as Mrs Lucia LucasPrunella Scales as Miss MappNigel Hawthorne as Georgie Pillson. It ran for two series.

Series 1[]

No. Image Title Writer Director Airdate
1 The Village fete.png The Village Fete Gerald Savory Donald McWhinnie 14 April 1985
Miss Mapp is thrown by the arrival of Mrs Emmeline 'Lucia' Lucas in the pitoresque town of Tilling. Furthermore, in taking over the running, Lucia can usurp Daisy by taking the plum role in the pageant of Elizabeth I.
2 Battle stations.png Battle Stations Gerald Savory Donald McWhinnie 21 April 1985
Lucia is renting 'Mallards' from Mapp whilst she finds a place of her own and instantly angers Mapp when she throws a charity garden party, which is a huge success and commended by all - except Mapp.
3 The italian connection.png The Italian Connection Gerald Savory Donald McWhinnie 28 April 1985
The arrival of an Italian contessa gives Mapp a chance to expose Lucia as a fraud.
4 Lobster pots.png Lobster Pots Gerald Savory Donald McWhinnie 5 May 1985
Luciabuys Grebe,a house a little outside the town on the marshes. Now a leading hostess in Tilling her 'lobster a la Riseholme' recipe is to die for and a jealous Mapp sneaks into her house to steal it. Unfortunately there is a heavy rain-storm and the river bursts its banks,flooding the house. The two women climb onto a table for safety but,as the townsfolk watch,they are swept out to sea.
5 The Owl and the Pussycat title.jpg The Owl and the Pussycat Gerald Savory Donald McWhinnie 12 May 1985
Some months have passed and the Tilling residents assume that Mapp and Lucia are dead. Then the two women return, having been picked up by an Italian trawler. They both plan to give accounts of their ordeal - with differing perspectives, naturally.

Series 2[]

No. Image Title Writer Director Airdate
1 Mapp and lucia channel 4 infobox.jpg Winner Takes All Gerald Savory Donald McWhinnie 3 May 1986
Georgie has shingles so Lucia lets him stay at Grebe. After dabbling in the stock market Lucia's shares in the South African gold mine Siriami pay dividends and other Tilling residents join in. Everybody profits except Mapp and Major Benjy. Mapp and Lucia stand against each other for seats on the local council.
2 Mapp and lucia channel 4 infobox.jpg Change and Change About Gerald Savory Donald McWhinnie 10 May 1986
Neither Mapp nor Lucia win a seat at the local election. Mapp and Major Benjy are strapped for cash. Lucia proposes that they swap houses is excited when she believes that she has discovered ancient artifacts buried at Mallards.
3 Mapp and lucia channel 4 infobox.jpg Lady Bountiful Gerald Savory Donald McWhinnie 17 May 1986
Lucia donates money to restore the Tilling church organ and to several local charities. She is also offered a seat on the town council. Mapp and Benjy, still living at Grebe, are flooded out and are forced to move in with Lucia. Lucia has stunning news.
4 Mapp and lucia channel 4 infobox.jpg Worshipful Lucia Gerald Savory Donald McWhinnie 24 May 1986
Lucia marries Georgie and is made the mayor of Tilling. She selects Mapp as Lady Mayoress.
5 Mapp and lucia channel 4 infobox.jpg Au Reservoir Gerald Savory Donald McWhinnie 31 May 1986
Lucia and Georgie travel to London and they meet Poppy who is interested in Georgie. Quaint Irene's portrait of Lucia as mayor is rejected while Irene's painting of Mapp has been declared the picture of the year. Lucia plots to regain her superiority as the social queen of Tilling.