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Dr Dobbie, please come quick, my canary’s having a fit!
— Diva

Godiva 'Diva' Plaistow is Elizabeth Mapp's faithful companion and a victim of the same bossy attitude. The arrival of Lucia Lucas upsets her loyalty.

BBC Overview[]

Christened Godiva but known to her friends as merely ‘Diva.’ A thrifty, rather clumsy widow, she is Mapp’s best friend…and adversary. She poses no threat to Mapp’s social dominance but ‘dearest Diva’ is invaluable as the source and disseminator of local gossip.

She is both ingenious and parsimonious and a devoted follower of the latest fashions and fads. If there’s an extreme diet or dress pattern to be had then Diva’s sure to be indulging it; if Mapp doesn’t steal it first! [1]



  • In transposing certain elements from the novel to the BBC miniseries, some features of Daisy Quantock were given to Diva Plaistow because some scenes are taken from Queen Lucia, a novel that does not include Tillingites. For example, the Guru incident.



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