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Au Reservoir is the eleventh novel in the Mapp and Lucia series (also known as Make Way for Lucia). It is also the third and final novel written by Guy Fraser-Sampson.


The War has wrought great changes, and Lucia struggles to come to terms with rationing, exchange controls and, worst of all, a Labour Government. While Georgie and Olga hobnob with the stars in London, Lucia comforts herself with the thought that a title would nicely round off a life of dedicated charitable giving. ‘Dame Lucia’ does have a certain ring to it. However, even Lucia’s best-laid plans are not guaranteed success, especially with the redoubtable Mapp poised for any opportunity to frustrate them. So determined is she finally to gain the upper hand that she even resorts to military strategy under the slightly less than expert guidance of her husband, Major Benjy.


  • The final part of Guy Fraser-Sampson’s trilogy of sequels to E.F. Benson’s hugely popular Mapp and Lucia series, Au Reservoirfinds the residents of Tilling on fine form.
  • This novel was written in 2014, while the first novel wrote by Richard Ellis, Lucia Revived was published the year before. The two follows an order of work and not a chronological order, so as to have the trilogy by Fraser-Sampson consecutive.

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