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Tell me, why haven't you asked her to marry you yet? We should have more marriages in Tilling!
— Contessa to Major Benji Flint

Amelia Contessa di Faraglione (née Wyse) is a recurring character in Mapp and Lucia (miniseries).


Wife of Count Cecco di Faraglione of Capri and sister of Algernon Wyse. Her impending arrival in Tilling caused immense anxiety to Lucia and Georgie, who feared that their lack of fleuncy in la  bella lingua would now be harshly exposed,  to the delight of all - especially Elizabeth Mapp. This led to Georgie's trip to an hotel in Folkestone and Lucia's feigned influenza and the famed covert observation of Lucia exercising in her bathing costume in the giardano segreto by Miss Mapp from the church tower. It is not surprising therefore that Amelia was referred to as "that baleful bilinguist."          

Tall, lean, sporting a single eye glass on a string, which was apt to fall into her soup, vivacious and good humoured - also commonly talked with her mouth full and drank a great deal of wine. At dinner, would often maintain a fervid monologue and occasionally address remarks in shrill and voluble Italian always with a Southern extravagance of expression.

Prone to the occasional gaffe. Confident aristocratic demeanour, flirty and with a surprisingly broad sense of humour for someone of her station. Although the Countess tended to confuse the names of the various members of Tilling society, she took great interest in their affairs which extended to matchmaking: We must have more marriages in Tilling.[1]




  • Frances Barber, who plays Amelia, Countess Di Faraglione in the series, voiced the character of Miss Elizabeth Mapp in the BBC radio play series EF Benton - Miss Mapp based on the same literary series.
  • This recurring character is present in both television adaptations.


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